Why You Should Use 'Ghostbot' to handle unwanted messages on your mobile.

'Ghostbot' work as an auto responder for the unwanted messages. It helps you to avoid unwanted people in a graceful manner. You will install the app for sure after reading the article.

New app release 'Ghostbot'

If you are so much in trouble with texts from unwanted persons? You want to avoid them but you can’t do without giving them a reply.So here you got your solution “Ghostbot” it is an intelligent bot which can manage your unwanted message. It is an autoresponder that can reply automatically to the numbers which are disturbing you.

What is the use of Ghostbot

We all love to do text to our close one and stay in touch with them but now a day due to various social media sites this communication has become noisy. We are receiving so many unwanted SMS from the unwanted people. We don’t have time to reply all these messages though sometimes it is necessary to give a reply. Here the Bot Ghostbot comes in work. It replies for us automatically. It works for us if we want to avoid someone without being disgraceful to him or her. As we don’t want to inflame the situation Ghostbothelps us to handle an aggressive and abusive situation with effective disengagement tactics and humor. It works as an intelligent agent for us.


How can you Install Ghostbot in your Mobile

You need to follow a very simple process.


Visit Ghostbot Web page and activate Ghostbot on your burner number (if you don’t have one download burner app and have a number)

Step 2

Find out the contacts which are disturbing to you. Then add them to the Ghostbot account.

Step 3

Incoming message from the unwanted person as per your listed will be seen by the Ghostbot. A Natural Language Processing is used by the Ghostbotengine to reply the message. It replies with one of many pre-scripted messages like “Just busy with some work” “talk to you later after I get free” “Sorry I want some space alone” and many others.


Working Process of Ghostbot

Ghostbot is built with a third party platform API.ai which has been trained to understand the message intent. Ghostbot learns from experience also. Ghostbot can understand when a person is giving a message of invitation, harassment,bad comment and others. Ghostbot itself has its own personality. It replies with synergy which doesn't let the restricted person understand that he is having conversations with a robot.Few conversation of Ghostbot will make the concept more clear.

Developer of Ghostbot

Behind Ghostbot there is a collaboration between builders ofVoxable and screenwriter Peter Mariani. So it is a combination of Art,Innovation, and practical solution. The mission of Voxable is to help human and machine to understand each other. Peter Miriani is a screenplay writer. He has10 years of experience in information categorization and organization system in search engine marketing.

Use Ghostbot for free

It is built by using the platform of Burner. So anyone who will sign up with a burner account can get access to Ghostbot and it is totally free of cost.

Start from here Ghostbot.burnerapp.com