Shocking things you should know about recent failed military coup in Turkey

The whole world had been shocked by the recent attempted military coup in Turkey. Here are the shocking things you should know about that failed takeover.

1. This is not the first time!!

1.	This is not the first time!!

In its 100 years of as a republic, Turkey always had a military coup problem. From the time of Kamal Ataturk who is known as the father of nation in turkey, military has always played the role of the guardian to protect the secularism in Turkey. In 1960 the military attempted the first successful coup in Turkey. Many senior government officials got arrested and the then prime minister got executed on that process. In 1971 another attempted coup took place and this time it was to give turkey a strong economic growth. Needless to say the economy didn’t recover at all. Rather there was post violence between the leftist and the rightist groups which resulted in a death toll of thousands of lives. The military again intervened in 1980 which is known as the bloodiest coup till date. There was another coup in 1997 which was not in traditional form, rather they gave what they call some “Strong Suggestion” to the government officials which led the forced resignation of then president Necmattin Erbakan.