Most Expensive and Surprising Sports Auctions!!

Auction is an interesting even because of it's unpredictable economic situations. When it occurs with sports or sports celebrity, there is no end of curiosity....

Pele's Auction The Most Knowing One

Pele's Auction The Most Knowing One

I think there is very few people who don't know about the greatest footballer Pele. He has achieved a lot of prize for playing outstanding football on his time. But, there is a saying necessity knows no law. 

*Pele's 1958 World Cup winner's medal has been sold at auction in London for £200,000 - at least £60,000 more than its estimated price tag.

*Pele's copy of World Cup trophy sells for £394,000

More than 2,000 items were sold in total, with buyers shelling out just over £3.6 million to own a piece of history.