Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2016 That You Should Check

Smartphones have brought revolutionary changes in mobile phones’ legacy. Mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Nexus have become the dominant brands in smart phone brands. Check out the list of Upcoming Smartphones in 2016:-


1. Moto E3 and Moto G4 Play

Moto E3 and Moto G4 Play

Motorola released its last set named 2nd Gen Moto E but one and half years have been passed from last release.  New owner Lenovo has confirmed that Moto E3 will be in September this year. This phone will be purchased under 100 pounds.Besides  Moto G4 is coming this year and cost only 129 pounds. Both of them have Full HD display. Moto G4 will come earlier than Moto E3.